Welcome to A Matter of Mortgage…. The Musings of Chris Marconi(that’s me)!  I am going to be writing mostly about the ins and outs of the mortgage business…. rates, products, trends etc.  I am also going to write about policy and process flow and more importantly, the people behind it that don’t get a lot of credit and sure has heck don’t get a lot of pay.  The normal people.

First, I should tell you a little about me and why I am actually doing this.  I have been in the mortgage industry over 17 years now.  I started as a Sales Assistant for a high producing mortgage broker in Joliet Il.  Sharon Thomas was great.  She taught Me the simple stuff : follow-up with your customer, check rates, actually fill out ALL the boxes on a 1003.  The stuff that always sticks with You.  After two years I moved on to be a Loan Originator at First Midwest Bank for Seven Years… the GO – Go Years.  Everybody was refinancing, moving, upgrading, everything.  I did quite well for myself.  But I did want to do something more.  My Boss, Tom Goettsch , allowed me to mentor a person or two (of course, he didn’t pay but he always complimented me and that was cool).  I did the best I could and did the same thing as Sharon and just stuck to the basics.  It worked and for a time they started to out produce me!  I was hooked.

Tom moved on to a bigger position at First Bank of Oak Park… and I eventually went with him.  Best years of my life both professionally and personally.  I got really good at my trade both originating and mentoring other sales folks so  they can be successful. Getting married didn’t hurt either and needless to say, the best decision I made during this journey.  More on that some other time.

Still, I wanted a little more.  And it happened.  After being out of the mortgage business for a time, First Midwest Bank wanted to get back in.  Tom went back to run Consumer and Mortgage lending and I was tapped to be the Residential Sales Manager.  For the past four years I have spent most of my waking hours building the sales staff from the ground up.  I like to think we have done well because,  I am still here for starters.  Also, the people working here are not only doing well but they also like it.  That’s got to mean something.

Why am I doing this?  Time.  I am running out of time.  I always told myself I am going to sit down and write about this industry but I never made the time.  Too busy.  I had to write another loan.  I had several meetings.  I always had something, so I never did.  This year that is going to change because of what I learned last year.  I have had a lot of Death around me the past 12 months.  Actually my 2nd tour of duty at FMB started with the death of a friend and co-worker.  Each time I thought they were gone way to soon.  They /we / me should have had more time.  But we don’t.  I don’t.  So I am not going to waste anymore.  I am going to do this.

There it is!  Now you know Me.  Hopefully, you will know something about the mortgage industry from reading this from time to time.  At the very least, I am pretty sure I can make you chuckle.  Along the way, let me know and tell me I will always appreciate the feed back and interaction.